Things to Do at the Dead Sea

Things to Do at the Dead Sea
There are few places in the world like the Dead Sea. Not only does it have the lowest surface elevation of any place on earth, it is also located near the Holy Lands of three prominent religions and is referenced in the Bible. Its landscape is unique because of the water's high salt content, making it difficult for living things to thrive. The surrounding terrain is rugged and pocked with caves and sinkholes, making for an adventurer's dream.

Go For a Swim

Swimming in the Dead Sea is an experience unlike any other because of the water's high salt content. Your body will naturally float without any work done by you, allowing you to lounge in the water without exerting yourself. There are many beaches along the water to choose from, and you can also stay at a resort where they lead swimming excursions out into the water.

Ein Gedi Nature Preserve

This enormous park covers more than 6,000 acres and features numerous hiking routes and trails for the amateur or expert hiker. Hike to the top of the Ha'etakim Cliff, a 400-meter high obstruction which runs the length of the Dead Sea.

Ein Gedi Nature Preserve
Route 90 (Dead Sea Road)
(07) 658-4285

Qumran Caves

Famous for their housing of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known manuscript of the Hebrew Bible, these 11 caves are accessible to the public. Consider taking a tour of the caves and learning of their historical relevance.

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