List of Mexican Deserts

List of Mexican Deserts
In addition to attractions like its capital city of Mexico City and a variety of famous ruins, Mexico is home to a number of deserts. While tourists may wish to experience these places, a number are virtually untouched. The list of these deserts includes but is not limited to the Chihuahuan Desert the deserts of Coahuila and the deserts of Nuevo León. The areas around these deserts range from some of the poorest to the most wealthy in all of Mexico.

Chihuahuan Desert

The Chihuahuan Desert is the single largest desert in all of North America. It is an estimated 200,000 square miles in size. While the majority of it is located in Mexico the desert reaches as far north as portions of both New Mexico and Texas. Geographically, the Chihuahuan Desert is located directly between two of the biggest mountain ranges in the entire country: the eastern and western portions of the Sierra Madres. The Chihuahuan Desert is not entirely uninhabited. Due to its size it stretches across six different territories in Mexico.

Coahuila Desert

Unlike the Chihuahuan Desert, the nearby Coahuila Desert is largely desolate and uninhabited. On a map, this large desert is actually broken down into a number of smaller deserts. It is considered to be a part of the Sierra Madre mountain range and borders the provinces of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon. The Coahuila Desert is geographically famous for containing close to 500 different bodies of water, including a number of lakes, rivers and lagoons. Tourists enjoy venturing out to the Coahuila desert to engage in activities like sand-skiing and motorbiking.

Deserts of Nuevo León

The deserts of Nuevo Leon exist in one of the wealthiest areas in all of Mexico. These are a number of deserts all surrounding the state of Nuevo Leon. The area is known for being heavily involved in business and industry. Preservationists take great interest in these deserts due to Nuevo Leon's booming economy and expansion. The natural beauties of the deserts are said to be under great danger from both the expansion of industrial businesses and urbanization as more and more people build homes in the area. The deserts of Nuevo Leon are also surrounded by a number of mountain ranges.

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