Safety Tips for Traveling to Cozumel, Mexico

Safety Tips for Traveling to Cozumel, Mexico
Home to a number of spectacular attractions--including Chankanaab Park, Punta Sur Light House, Playa Uvas and The Museum of the Island of Cozumel--Cozumel is a great vacation destination in Mexico. It offers a number of recreational activities. To protect yourself while traveling in Cozumel, there are a number of safety precautions that you can take before and during your journey.

Safety and Security

Obtain up-to-date information on safety and security in Cozumel, Mexico by calling (888) 407-4747. Travelers outside the U.S. should call (202) 501-4444.

The Department of State urges American to take precautions and guard all luggage and personal possessions at all times, especially in airports. Go immediately to the Cozumel Consular Agency if you experience danger or have information about a crime.

Plaza Villa Mar en El Centro,
Plaza Principal
2nd floor, Locales #8 and 9
Telephone (52)(987) 872-4574

Important Numbers

Travelers should be aware of several key numbers when traveling to Cozumel, Mexico. To contact a resort or hotel in Cozumel, travelers must use the international country code (52); this should be followed by the Cozumel city code (987).

Confirm all lodging and touring reservations before leaving for Cozumel to avoid over-bookings or changes to your itinerary or room rental agreement. Travelers should carry important safety and emergency numbers at all times when traveling in Cozumel, Mexico. For instance, in the event of an emergency, travelers must dial "06" to request assistance (i.e., fire, police or ambulance). Lost persons including children should call 658-1111.

The Secretary of Tourism, another useful resource for travelers, can be reached at 5 240-0123-51 (bilingual operators are available). For an international operator, call "090." Travelers can use these numbers from any phone in Cozumel, including pay phones.

Obtain the Proper Gear

Take the appropriate gear. Do not participate in any water or recreational sports for which you are not qualified or have not been trained. According to the Department of State, "Several drowning and near-drowning incidents have been reported on the east coast of Cozumel, particularly in the Playa San Martin-Chen Rio area." To avoid similar injuries or accidents, research beach locations in Cozumel to determine if the waters are choppy. Look to see if the area is secluded. Also, when renting boats, motorcycles or mopeds, be sure that you are licensed and have the appropriate gear to operate these vehicles. According to the Department of State, "Serious moped accidents have risen in Cozumel." In most cases, injuries were the result of an unlicensed operator or an operator who refused or was not given a helmet when the vehicle was rented.


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