The Best Ways to Tour Italy

The Best Ways to Tour Italy
Italy is a country that has a lot to offer tourists--from the vineyards of famous winemakers to the ancient Roman Coliseum which held gladiator battles thousands of years ago. The country is home to many interesting sites to see with different ways to see them. Overall, Italy is a great vacation destination.

Boat Tours

Italy has many different types of boat tours. Cruise ship tours generally take you on four- to eight-hour tours up the Mediterranean coast from the ports of Naples to the island of Capri where you can explore the small island town of 14,000 and go scuba diving. There are tours of the volcano Mt. Vesuvius where you can hike up the side of the volcano. There are tours to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii ,which was originally occupied in 8 BC and lasted until 79 AD when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the city. You can also visit the city of Venice and take gondola tours down the famous water canals. You can book different boat tours quickly and easily at Tours-Venice-Italy.

Hiking Tours

If you enjoy the outdoors and like to hike, this would be a great way to tour Italy. There are many different types of hiking tours throughout Italy. Some examples are seven-day tours of some of Italy's vineyards and apple orchards which include wine tastings. There are scenic tours of the Italian Alps, which can reach up to 6000 feet in elevation. This includes a funicular (cable car) ride up the mountain to explore and a dinner with a wine tasting included. There are also many caves and nature reserves to explore on foot. If you want to spend the least amount of money to tour Italy, this is the way to go. You can book a variety of hiking tours all around Italy at Dolce Tours.

Bike Tours

Another great way to explore Italy is by taking one of the many bike tours. Bike tours are very popular among tourists. These tours take you on some of Italy's many twisted country roads, which are home to many medieval castles and historical sights. Because of the size of Italy, which is smaller than the state of Florida, if you are an avid bicyclist, you could cover a lot of ground and see much of what Italy has to offer on two wheels. You can find many different bike tours at Dolce Tours.

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