The Best Places to Travel in California

The Best Places to Travel in California
California is a wildly diverse state with an array of ecosystems. Visitors to the Golden State are often surprised by the variety of flora and fauna held in the massive territory. Whatever your specific hobbies, there is always something to entertain you while visiting this destination.

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic drives in the nation. Travelers along this massively long route will be able to enjoy all number of California destinations, including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Simeon, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. There are ample camping spots and parks along the route for all of your beach-going, hiking, cycling and rock climbing pit stops.

Pacific Coast Highway
California State Route 1

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is the ideal desert oasis with a number of nature parks, botanical gardens and even a zoo all dedicated to the desert ecosystem. Visitors can enjoy all types of outdoor activities, including golfing, cycling, rock climbing and hiking, but they are advised to bring plenty of water as the area is very hot throughout the year.

Palm Springs
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The Bay Area

San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area are some of the biggest attractions in the state, and with good reason. The San Francisco Bay Area seamlessly blends some of the state's largest metropolitan areas with natural eco-attractions. Cyclists enjoy traveling the hills and streets of San Francisco. While naturalists appreciate attraction,s such as Muir Woods, Point Reyes National Seashore and The Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Anyone with an interest in fine food and wine is also sure to fill their desires here by taking a trip through Napa Valley.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the biggest city on the West Coast and one of the most famous cities in the world for its role in producing the majority of television shows and movies. Within this massive metropolis though, there are a number of fun outlets for every outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors to L.A. can enjoy swimming in the ocean, cycling by the beach and hiking through the mountains.

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