Landmarks in Chad, Africa

Landmarks in Chad, Africa
If you who crave something more than a simple vacation, Chad, in Central Africa, has much to offer. Whether camel trekking through the Saharan dunes, studying the culture of the nomadic Toubou people, or just listening to Chari Jazz at a cafe in the southern savanna, you will be enriched by your travels.


N'Djamena, the capital city of Chad, is a destination unto itself. Though there are specific sights worth viewing, the real draw to N'Djamena is to observe the sounds and sights of such a bustling place. Watch fishermen haul nets into their wooden canoes along the Chari River, or watch locals haggle furiously for handmade goods in the throbbing Grand Marche. Listen to students of N'Djamena University discuss politics, or watch women tote water jars on their head while wearing the most colorful and flowing of clothes. Make visits to the Central Mosque and the National Museum.

Musee National N'Djamena (National Museum)
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Ennedi Plateau

Ended Plateau Chad Africa

Explore extraordinary natural surroundings along the Ennedi Plateau. Located along the southern edge of the Sahara Desert where it borders the Sahel in the north of the country, this area rewards those who endure the difficulties of traveling there with unusual geologic formations such as the domino-like Labyrinthe de Kecheli, the massive arch of Aloba, and the Guelta d'Archei; gueltas are pools formed from underground water in lowland areas, a type of oasis. Find petroglyphs such as those painted all over the rocks of Cavaliers Volants in the Massif de Terkei. These areas are best accessed from the small town of Fada, where there is an airstrip.

Zakouma National Park

Elephant in Zakouma National Park Chad Africa

Travel to the best place in Central Africa to view large herds of wild elephants. Located southeast of N'Djamena, Zakouma National Park is considered a major success story. After years of war and poaching decimated the park, the government of Chad, with help from the European Union, restocked the park with the intention of developing tourism. Today, visitors can see large numbers of birds, primates, lions, giraffe, wildebeests and antelopes. Note that though the closest town is Sahr, the park is quite difficult to reach, and you should organize transportation in N'Djamena. Tchad Evasion, an area travel agency, regularly organizes tours.

Parc National Zakouma
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