Fun Vacations With Teenagers

Fun Vacations With Teenagers
Planning a family vacation can be tricky in the best of circumstances. Planning one to keep teenagers happy can sometimes seem impossible. However, there are plenty of options to keep everyone entertained on vacation. To start, have everyone make a list of ideal activities. Listen to the kids about the activities they are interested in and pick a location that has these available. To offer the biggest variety, consider making plans at a large resort. This way, activities, spa treatments and just about everything else will be close by.

Family-Friendly Resorts

Breezes Resorts offer several locations with all-inclusive packages. Each resort has similar activities--swimming, volleyball and rock climbing--but each is given a unique style and flair, allowing for a one-of-a-kind feel in each part of the world. Several other resorts work in the same way. Club Med and Beaches are also all-inclusive and have activities that will relax as well as challenge visitors. Spas, water sports and an array of dining options are some of the benefits of large resorts.

Be Flexible

If the trip has already been planned, give your teen the opportunity to plan one day of the family itinerary. Help make plans using online sources or available information. If budget is an issue, give them their options and go from there. The important thing is to let them be involved and keep them active in the planning process. If they want to sleep in or stay up late, allow time for that. Minor adjustments can make the difference between a happy vacation and a miserable one for all. Have them keep in mind travel times and other factors to make planning and travel efficient. Allow them to make adjustments.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer a wide variety of locations, as well as themed trips to several countries or areas. Many have started gearing activities towards families, giving everyone a chance to explore their interests together or separately. Most often family cruises head to Europe or the Caribbean, and offer everything from on-board video games, swimming, clubs and other activities to keep them entertained. While making plans, keep in mind what interests everyone has and find a ship that will best fit those activities.

Active Options

There are several other options when considering vacation ideas with teens. Think of something active--white water rafting, kayaking or deep sea fishing trips. For more adventurous teens and parents, consider a tour of local or nation-wide theme parks. Disney World, Six Flags and the like often cater to older kids and give them plenty to do during the day.

Article Written By Sara John

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