Famous Attractions in San Francisco

Famous Attractions in San Francisco
San Francisco is one of those cities where even if you've never been there, you can instantly recognize much of it. The City by the Bay has long been a favorite for movies and television shows because of its natural beauty and famous landmarks. A visit to San Francisco would not be complete without stopping by to take in some of these world-famous attractions.

Golden Gate Bridge

Any list of famous attractions in San Francisco is bound to start with the very symbol of the city. The Golden Gate Bridge began as an idea in 1872. Construction did not begin until 1933, and the bridge was completed 30 years after that. The look of the bridge changes according to climate conditions, making this not just an important engineering accomplishment, but a bona fide work of art.


The prison known as The Rock is perhaps the most famous San Francisco attraction located in the middle of the water. This prison once housed some of the most notorious criminals in the country and inspired several movies. One of the key things for a tourist to do in San Francisco is take the ferry over for the guided tour.


The Jack Nicholson movie with the same title was about the Chinatown in Los Angeles, but San Francisco's is the most famous in the country. A visit to Chinatown opens your eyes to other cultures and also leads the way to excellent restaurants, stores and markets hawking exotic foods. The entrance to Chinatown traditionally begins at Grant Avenue and Bush Street.

Winchester Mystery House

Thanks to regular features on shows about ghosts and unsolved mysteries in the recent decades, the Winchester Mystery House has become one of the most popular attractions in town. Supposedly haunted, this amazing house is like a Chinese puzzle in which stairways lead to nowhere and doors open onto a brick wall. It has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Winchester Mystery House
525 S Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, California 95128

Cable Cars

The only attraction in San Francisco that may threaten the Golden Gate Bridge as the symbol of the city are its famous cable cars. The best way to catch a cable car is to move away from the crowded turnaround stops where tourists wait. Instead, follow the tracks down a little way and hop on board like the tourists do. Watch and learn and you can quickly master this art.

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