Landmarks in Caracas, Venezuela

Landmarks in Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuela is a fantastic spot for anyone who loves outdoor sports. Caracas is beautiful city that features many wonderful spots to see when you get done with your recreation. Caracas is a modern metropolis that also has much history to offer the visitor. Much of the city's landmarks are dedicated to the revolutionary zeal of the the man you might consider Venezuela's version of George Washington, Simon Bolivar. Of course, to revel in the most amazing landmark of Caracas, just look around you.

Avila National Park

The most spectacular landmark in Caracas is this coastal mountain range that serves as border between Caracas and the Caribbean Sea. A morning hike or bike ride through the city will often reveal the incredible sight of clouds floating around the peaks. On the other hand, if you notice ominous dark clouds peering over the mountains, begin preparing for a downpour.

National Capital Building

A bike or scooter ride through Caracas should take you to the gold-dome Congress building. This site once housed a convent but one of the country's many dictators converted it during an ant-Catholic revolution in the 1800s. Astonishingly, the Congress building was built in just a little over 100 days, although the instantly recognizable gold dome would not top it out for another sixteen years. If you go inside, you will see that the walls and ceilings are decorated with vivid depictions of patriotic events in the country's history.

Plaza Bolivar

You will see the name Simon Bolivar attached to any number of metropolitan locales in Venezuela, but the Plaza Bolivar is where it all began. History overflows at this Caracas landmark as this is the site where revolutions were discussed and executions were carried out. Today, Plaza Bolivar is firmly established in the capitalist tradition; goods and products are hawked, although you can also find a nice shady spot to just sit back and people watch.

Caracas Cathedral

The famous Caracas Cathedral is not nearly as imposing as other famous cathedrals in other cities, but it is worth the visit regardless. For one thing, it contains an extraordinary collection of religious icons and art. A smaller chapel is dedicated to the memory of the revolutionary Bolivar clan. Although the convent may no longer be standing where the Congress Building is, you can find a completely restored convent by the Cathedral.

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