Things to Do in Tybee Island, Georgia

Things to Do in Tybee Island, Georgia
Filled with local culture and wildlife alike, Georgia's little but lively Tybee Island is the perfect getaway for anyone seeking a fun leisurely destination. Just outside historic Savannah, this tiny island is not only the site of year-round festivals and events, but numerous outdoors activities such as kayaking, fishing and biking.

On Shore

Just 2.75 miles long and consisting of mostly flat terrain, nearly everything on shore is easily accessible by means of a bicycle. A fat-tire cruiser that can tread over beach, street and trail is a popular model. With transportation covered, there are numerous parks and nature trails scattered throughout the island, while some year round sights include the Tybee lighthouse and Post Theater, both on North Beach, and of course, the famous Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion; which hosts a number of dances, musical events and festivals throughout the year. Some yearly events at the pier include fireworks on July 3 and the Labor Day Bash, and other events around town, such as the Beach Bum Parade and Mardi Gras.

Exploring the Waters

Tybee Island comes fully equipped with ocean-based activities, one of the most popular being sea kayaking. While sea kayaking in Tybee, you'll enjoy a mild ocean current along deserted beaches, open waters and a network of inland creeks traveling through varying maritime forests of cypress, oak, pine and juniper.
Along shore, you'll see jet skiers and skimboarders riding wakes created by large ocean voyagers and tour boats, while parasailers enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding forests and marsh.
Whether on the pier, just off shore or from a charter boat, fishing in Tybee allows you to catch a wide range of fish, including snapper, grouper, sea bass, triggerfish, shark, mackerel, barracuda, amberjack, wahoo, sailfish, tuna and marlin in open water. There is also an abundance of trout, bass, flounder, sheep's head, tarpon, shark and whiting just off shore; according to

Coastal Wildlife

Setting Tybee apart from other island getaways, the abundance of coastal wildlife enhances any Tybee activity tenfold. While biking around the island, watch for osprey and bald eagles fishing along shore, and northern seabirds such as purple sandpipers, black bellied plovers, sanderlings, and turnstones throughout the island. When sea kayaking through forests and inland creeks, keep an eye out for storks and great blue herons wading in waters, or look to shore for mink, gray fox, deer, feral pigs and alligators.

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