London Nightlife When Vacationing in London

London Nightlife When Vacationing in London
You may have spent all day in the lake country or traipsing around Stonehenge, and sometimes it's nice to wind down and spend an evening in the city. If it's nightlife you are looking for, you have come to the right place. London has one of the most vibrant night scenes of any city in the world. Getting the full experience out of London nights is easy, as long as you come armed with a little knowledge in advance.

Ministry of Sound

Built into an old bus garage, Ministry of Sound is one of the most influential dance clubs in the world. Music comes first at the Ministry, with a state-of-the-art sound system and a rotating slate of world-class DJs. Of course, dancing and drinks are an integral part of the experience. The main dance floor is even mounted on shock absorbers to help people dance longer without tiring their feet.

Ministry of Sound
103 Gaunt St.
London, SE1 6DP
Elephant and Castle Station

Absolut Icebar

Kept at a uniform 5 degrees Fahrenheit, the Absolut Icebar is made entirely of ice. Of course, it's not like the cozy pub down the block. You reserve 40-minute slots at Icebar, complete with a vodka cocktail and a fur coat. For a bar experience unlike any other, you must experience Icebar.

Absolut Icebar
31-33 Heddon St.
London, W1B
020 7287 9192


A massive arts center, the real highlight of the Barbican for people seeking evening activities is their wonderful movie theater. The Barbican is committed to playing current hits, classics and everything else imaginable. There is always a diverse slate of films playing at the Barbican. Plus, they often hold featured speakers, festivals and marathon screenings.

Silk St., East End
London, EC2Y 8DS
020 7638 8891

Royal Opera House

Sure, blaring electro-pop and sweaty, dancing crowds have their place, but sometime you may just be in the mood for something a little more refined. The Royal Opera House hosts an orchestra, the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera. The building underwent major renovations in the 1990s, meaning that all performances are now accompanied with impeccable sound, subtitles and support for the hearing-impaired.

Royal Opera House
Covent Garden
London WC2E 9DD
020 7304 4000

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