Things to do at Bear Lake in Utah and Idaho

Things to do at Bear Lake in Utah and Idaho
Bear Lake, located on the Idaho-Utah border, is the second-largest lake in Utah and a haven for aquatic recreation. Popularly known as the "Caribbean of the Rockies," the lake itself is more than a quarter of a million years old and continues to grow in depth. Bear Lake has been a popular destination ever since pioneers used it as a meeting site to trade with the local Shoshone Indians. Since those days, it has become a popular tourist destination, with a variety of activities to suit visitors.

Endemic Species

For anglers, Bear Lake offers an experience impossible to find anywhere else in the world, as Bear Lake is home to several endemic species. The Bonneville cisco, the Bear Lake sculpin, Bonneville whitefish and Bear Lake whitefish all can be found only in Bear Lake. The two whitefish species in particular are considered a local delicacy and desirable targets for fishermen.

Bear Lake Marathon

Bear Lake has a gorgeous opportunity for runners: an annual marathon. There are options for different skill levels, including a half marathon and 10k. The run occurs on both the Idaho and Utah side of the lake. The Bear Lake marathon is an annual event, with the runs taking place June 12 and 13 every year.

Bear Lake Marathon


In addition to the lake itself, Bear Lake is surrounded by rugged natural landscape. The Bear River Mountains are a popular destination for hiking and camping. Two state parks exist on the shores of the lake for convenient camping at night.

Raspberry Days

One of the area's most famous crops is raspberries, which are harvested every August. To celebrate, Garden City holds an annual parade and festival, typically on the first weekend of August. Like with any great festival, Raspberry Days ends with fireworks.

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