September Bass Fishing Tips

September Bass Fishing Tips
One of the best times of year to fish for bass is in September and throughout the rest of the fall. During the fall months, bass tend to gorge on food as they prepare to for the long winter months ahead. They're incredibly active and will jump towards any food they can get, so if you can find a school, drop your own lure into the water. You're bound to catch tons of bass.

Big Baits

When bass fishing in the fall it is important to choose larger lures and baits. Remember, the fish that were small during the spring and summer months have had plenty of time to eat and grow and the odds of catching a larger bass are now much higher. While the bass will be hungry and eat even smaller bait, you'll want to make sure you have a large enough lure and hook on your rod to handle a larger size fish once he bites.

Shallow Waters

All animals, including fish, have migratory habits. During the fall and winter months, you'll find that bass tend to settle in shallower waters than they do throughout the rest of the year. Start your fishing trip in shallower water and progressively work your way into deeper water until you find the magic middle point where the bass have decided to settle.

Colored Lures

Bass fish tend to migrate towards areas with more vegetative growth near the edges during the fall months. In these areas the food they eat, such as shad and bream, are darker in color. Use lures that are similar in color to the food the bass are attracted to, such as brown chuggers, a Zara Spook, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and crankbaits. These are the most productive lures for fall fishing because they cater to the habits of active fish - those looking for food and preparing for the winter - as opposed to the slower sluggish fish you'll find in the spring and summer months.

Weather Patterns

It's important to monitor the weather patterns during the fall and winter months, not just in order to find the bass but for your own safety as well. Temperatures in certain areas of the country can drop startlingly low during the fall and if you are on the water, those temperatures may become even colder when mixed with the wind. Make sure you dress appropriately, wearing layers if necessary, to avoid hypothermia and other cold-related illnesses while you enjoy your September bass fishing excursions.


Article Written By Deborah Dera

Deborah Dera earned her Associate's Degree from Camden County College and furthered her education by taking clases through Thomas Edison State College in NJ. She has been writing part-time for more than 5 years but in September of 2008 took the plunge into the world of full-time writing with Demand Studios, Associated Content, and several other online platforms.

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