Best Saltwater Salmon Fishing Lures

Best Saltwater Salmon Fishing LuresSelecting the correct lures and bait when fishing for salmon in saltwater is just as important to success as choosing the right fly when fishing for trout. When choosing lures for saltwater salmon, the most important criterion to remember is color. Bright and vivid colors are much more successful than dull-colored lures, as trolling is the method used to fish for saltwater salmon. The bright colors much more effective in attracting salmon to the trolling rig. Live baits such as minnows, worms and even some plastics are also used to attract salmon. (Picture: Salmon fishing in Alaska)


One of the most relied upon and widely used lures for attracting saltwater salmon is the spoon. Typically made of shiny metal, which is often hammered to increase the reflective properties of the lure, spoons have been used for generations to catch salmon. With either single or treble hook setups, spoons may also feature brightly painted colors and even varying stripe patterns. Spoons are available in a variety of sizes and are well suited to attracting and imitating a variety of bait fish.



Plugs are also use extensively in attracting and fishing for saltwater salmon. Throughout the years plugs were hand made of a variety of wood types and then painted to imitate or closely resemble bait fish. Plugs are still available made from wood. However, many plugs are now made of high-density plastics which are capable of being painted and even molded with colors in the lure itself. Plugs may have various configurations of both single and treble hooks.

Live Bait

Used more seldom than either spoons or plugs, bait rigs use a variety of natural attractors including herring, worms, shrimp, and even newer Gulp bait products. These are artificial baits manufactured by Berkeley which closely resemble their natural counterparts. Often the natural baits are used in combination with spoons which provide the shimmer of metal or paint in combination with natural bait.

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