Camping Activities for Adults

Camping Activities for Adults
Camping is a popular outdoor sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages. However, there are occasions when adults need to leave the children at home so that they can enjoy time with Mother Nature. Adult themed activities that may not be suitable for minors, such as parties and extreme backcountry camping, are often part of these excursions.

Canoe Trips

Canoeing is a popular sport among many outdoor lovers. There are times when adult groups get together and plan a canoe trip. Often, it involves a combination of camping and canoeing. Canoes are packed full of coolers of food and drink and pup tents. Camping supplies, such as sleeping bags, backpack stoves and fire starters, are often placed in waterproof bags to keep items clean and moisture-free. Six to 12 hours a day of canoeing is often followed by a stop at a shoreline camping spot where camp is set up for the evening.


Backcountry Camping

For the sportsman who enjoys the thrilling experience of the raw wilderness, backcountry camping is a great choice. Proper hiking and backcountry gear is required for this type of trip. The excursion can be through either mountainous, grassy, wet, wooded, sandy terrain or a combination of everything. Layering hiking gear with a breathable under armor, Tee-shirts and sweatshirts will keep the campers comfortable while hiking, setting up camp and sleeping. A lightweight tent and sleeping bag can be carried in combination with an external backpack.

Bachelor Parties

A camping excursion can be combined with a bachelor party for plenty of all night party fun. Choosing a quiet location where not to disturb other campers is important for this trip. Keep in mind when using a public campground, certain enforcements, such as noise ordinances, lights out by 10 p.m. and alcohol bans, may be in place. Plenty of alcohol and non-perishable snacks, such as beef jerky and chips should be included in the party. Having RVs, tents and campers set up side by side or in nearby lots will keep the party contained.

Family Reunions

Camping is a great way to share the next family reunion. This type of camping activity allows all family members to set up their own campsite so they can have amenities and privacy while still being close to the reunion or party location. Campgrounds are great locations for family reunions. Nearby pavilions, picnic tables and grills can be used for card playing and drinking games. Activities, such as swimming, horseshoes and miniature golf, are inclusive activities that everyone can enjoy throughout the camping excursion.

Card Parties

A camping card party is a great alternative to a home party. This gives game lovers the chance to all set up camp together so they can play, drink and not have to drive home after the party or tournament. Campsites can be grouped together so that tournament holders do not have far to walk back to their campers. A main area can be set up with a pavilion or tent and offer tables for the players as well as an eating area for snacks and drinks.



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