List of Arkansas Native Plants

List of Arkansas Native PlantsWhen planning your next landscaping or gardening project in Arkansas, you may want to select native plants. Arkansas has a number of native plants that inhabited the land prior to people introducing plants from other regions. Typically native plants are low maintenance since they are used to the soil, moisture and weather conditions.

Prickly Pear

prickly pear

The prickly pear is a cactus, perennial and evergreen plant that can grow to 25 inches. Normally, the prickly pear reclines on the ground about 8 feet, rarely standing upright. You can find this plant in cracks, sand or rocky outcrops, which are typically dry areas in the summer. The flowers on the prickly pear are orange, yellow or brown. You can see prickly pear in the late spring through the beginning of the summer.

Maidenhair Spleenwort

Maidenhair spleenwort, a perennial and evergreen, lives in shaded cliffs, moss-surrounded outcrops and sandstone. A maidenhair spleenwort fern grows to between 3 and 6 inches high. It consists of short glabrous and rhizomes with a cluster of evergreen frond.

American Bellflower

The American Bellflower, also called the Tall Bellflower, is a biennial, herbaceous plant that can grow as tall as 70 inches. Normally, the American Bellflower does not have branches. However, it does have a centralized hairy stem. You can find an American Bellfower in moist or almost dry woodlands and thickets. American Bellflower color ranges from light to dark violet with a white center. You will find these plants blooming in the beginning of the summer to the middle of fall.

Baby Blue Eyes (pictured top)

The baby blue eyes plant is a hairy annual that grows between 6 and 12 inches tall. Baby blue eye consists of frosted or whitish bowl-like blossoms in the center. This plant prefers light soil and does not like hot, humid conditions. Typically, the baby blue eyes bloom early in the year and die by the first frost.

Wild Geranium

Wild geranium is a perennial plant made of a cluster of basal leaves and stem extending from the rootstock. Wild geranium can grow to 2 1/2 feet tall. White hair covers the flowering stem. The petals are a faint purplish pink. Expect to see this plant bloom in the late spring to the early summer, lasting a month.

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