Things to Do in Ireland With Kids

Things to Do in Ireland With Kids
Ireland is a beautiful country filled with history, amazing views and plenty of things to keep you busy. There are lots of people that go on vacation to see the old style architecture and travel back in time, but many wonder if their kids will enjoy it as much as they do. Are there things for kids to do in Ireland? The answer is yes.


If you have a history buff in the family, are on an educational trip, or just have kids that like to hear about kings and earls and fighting, then you must take a tour of a castle or two while you are in Ireland. There are quite a few to choose from and some have some interesting things to see. The Blarney Castle is one such castle, famous for the blarney stone located at the top of a tower. It is said that a kiss of the stone will keep you from ever being at a loss for words. The grounds around the castle and the castle itself provide visitors with walking trails, cave exploration, a visit to the dungeon, views of the gardens and some history of battles. Malahide Castle offers visitor a tour of one of the oldest castles in Ireland and tours inform you of the history of a dwelling that was occupied by family members until the 1970s. There are also stories of ghosts to be heard and you can't miss taking the kids to the Fry Model Railway located on the grounds. This is one of the largest collections of model trains in the world and is around 2,500 sq. ft.

Blarney Castle
Co. Cork
+00 35 (321) 438-5252

Malahide Castle
Malahide, County Dublin
+ 3 (531) 846-2184


Despite a reputation of being cold and rainy, Ireland has some beaches worth visiting. Ballybunion South Beach located in Kerry County and has warm waters, giving the kids an opportunity to play. Clonea Strand is a long stretch of beach with easy access and parking. There are camping locations nearby and life gaurds during the warm season. Tramore Beach is an extremely popular beach, which means it will be a bit more crowded than other beaches. However, because of its popularity, it has more amenities, such as places in town to rent kayaks or surf boards. Surf lessons can also be found, and there are life guards on duty. Tramore Beach is located in the town of Tramore in Waterford County.

Animal Parks

There are many other places to visit and tour in Ireland that will hold your child's attention. You could take them to Ballylane Visitor Farm in New Ross where they can walk the grounds seeing farm animals and have a picnic, or Coolwood Wildlife Park where they can see farm and wild life. The Coolwood Wildlife Park also has a playground to keep their interest, and snacks available at the coffee shop.

Ballylane Visitor Farm
New Ross

Coolwood Wildlife Park
Coolcaslagh, Killarney
Co. Kerry

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