The Best Trout Fishing Lures

The Best Trout Fishing Lures
There are many options when choosing trout fishing lures, and anglers all have their favorite lure that works well for them. Location and conditions often dictate what lure to use, but there are some time-tested lures that are the favorite of almost all anglers. With these lures in your tackle box, you will be sure to catch more trout.

Mepps Spinner

Mepps spinners are a classic fishing lure known to catch almost any species of fish. These lures work excellent for trout and are easy to cast and retrieve in tight spaces. They are a simple in-line spinner with a large spinner blade on top followed by a small colored body and treble hook. They come in many color combinations and sizes so you can choose the right combination for your conditions. These lures work so well because of the flashy blade as it spins through the water.

Little Cleo Spoon

Little Cleo is a classic small spoon that swims in an erratic wiggling motion. The combination of the wiggling and the colors triggers strikes from trout out of curiosity and angler. They are a good choice for any size stream or river due to their ease of use. The current will usually produce a good wiggling action all you have to do is real in slowly.

Dardevl Spoon

Dardevl spoons are a classic choice for trout and pan fish. The only difference between then and other spoons are the color choice. The body of the bait is red with a curved white line down the middle. This color combination works in most conditions and is a favorite among trout anglers.

Rooster Tail Spinner

Rooster tail spinners are very small in size and include a skirted tail that covers the hooks. The blades are smaller than normal spinners and spin vertically like a propeller. These spinners work especially well on smaller trout, and are easily cast in small spaces.

Panther Martin Spinner

Panther Martin is a well-known brand in the trout fishing industry, as they produce many types of spinners for catching trout and pan fish. The original Panther Martin continues to be one of the best-selling spinners on the market, but they also have many new designs and color combinations. It is an in-line spinner, as is the Mepps, but the body is small and shaped like a spoon. This causes the spinners to swim in an erratic behavior and produces the bright flash from the blades. This combination of motions often triggers strikes from trout out of curiosity, as it does not mimic anything they normally eat.

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