Tips For a Fun Vacation

Tips For a Fun Vacation
Vacations are designed to be a respite from our everyday, busy lives, yet sometimes, a vacation, especially one that is not well planned, can turn into a long, string of jam-packed activities, in many ways similar to our already hectic lifestyle, we experience at home.

Plan Ahead

This idea is so simple that it goes almost without saying, but yet it is still surprising how many people set out to visit a resort or tourist destination without making at least rudimentary plans. Planning ahead is even more important if you will be visiting more than one place during your time away from home. When journeying to a new place, a little bit of research before you leave home can help you best plan what activities might interest you, as well as the group that you are touring with.

Do Something Different

If you always go to the beach for swimming and sun-bathing, try a day of offshore fishing to break the routine. Variety is the spice of life, and as long as you are away from home, why not add a few different activities to your recreation time?

Do Not Exceed Your Level of Expertise

If you are a once-a-year surfer, maybe it is best not to ride a 50-foot breaker off of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Save the big ones for the pros. This general concept is particularly important to anyone who is planning an outdoor vacation that includes activities like canoeing, sea kayaking, mountaineering or just plain swimming and hiking. It is OK to try to expand your level of expertise in something like whitewater canoeing, but it best done in small increments or under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Limit Your activities

This is your vacation, so you don't want your activity list to seem like a day at summer camp. Instead of lining up a half-dozen or so different activities for one day, just plan for a morning activity and an afternoon activity and perhaps an occasional evening event as well. In fact, just going for a stroll or sitting on an outdoor deck might be a completely enjoyable thing to do after nightfall.

Take A Day Off

Whether you are touring Europe by bicycle or canoeing the Boundary Waters, it is good to have a day of rest planned for your itinerary. In other words, a vacation from your vacation. This may sound silly at first, but a day to relax or do close to nothing makes the trip go easier, for your vacation may involve more activity and stress than you realize. And don't forget that some vacations are just meant for doing nothing.

Article Written By Henri Bauholz

Henri Bauholz is a professional writer covering a variety of topics, including hiking, camping, foreign travel and nature. He has written travel articles for several online publications and his travels have taken him all over the world, from Mexico to Latin America and across the Atlantic to Europe.

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