Things to Do in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Things to Do in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
One of the more chic locales in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman Island is a great place to combine outstanding natural surroundings with opulent living. Whether you're visiting the odd geological formations of Hell, taking a horseback riding and swimming tour, enjoying a kayak eco-tour or taking a basic sailing course, Grand Cayman is just plain fun.


Scuba dive in one of the Caribbean's most pristine environments. This is one of the main reasons to visit the island. Grand Cayman boasts more than 20 major sites for both shore and boat dives. Whether going out for the day or booking a multi-day live-aboard trip, divers will come away spoiled. Most diving occurs along the west coast of the island, so when seeking a dive operator keep this in mind. Reef, grotto, wreck and wall diving are available, and visitors can expect exceptional visibility because the island has no rivers that would otherwise stir up sediment. Marine habitats are diverse and numerous. Stingray city is arguably the most popular dive site, and visitors can expect to be swarmed by these alien-looking creatures. Divetech offers professional and safe service and instruction and regularly guides visiting divers.


P.O. Box 31435 

Grand Cayman, KY1 -- 1206 

Cayman Islands 

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Discover the diversity of species found in Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Opened in 1994 with a visit from the queen herself, this lush park offers visitors a chance to explore both foreign and native flora. Visitors can stroll over a woodland trail that meanders through agave plants, a tract of forest, ponds and fern swamps. Orchids are highlighted at the park because the flower is endemic to the island. More than 26 types of orchid can be found, even more during the annual orchid show. Other sights include the heritage garden and virtual herbarium, blue-throated anolis, akin to the iguana, as well as the occasional small pack of butterflies.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park 

P.O. Box 203 

North Side 

Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands 

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Spend the day relaxing in a hammock on Seven Mile Beach after all that diving and walking. Located south of West Bay, Seven Mile Beach is the ideal place to unwind. Those needing to be pampered will find this stretch of the coast is supported by many of the island's best luxury hotels and resorts. Refreshingly, pets are welcome, and the postcard-like views make for a nice place to walk or fall asleep under an umbrella. Located just north of Georgetown, the islands' capital, visitors can head into town for the evening to find dining options and clubs to dance in.

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