Sights Seen on a River Nile Cruise

Sights Seen on a River Nile Cruise
Cruising the Nile river in Egypt is a very popular way to see the countryside. With shore excursions to historical sites, you can have all the advantages of exploring Egypt while being able to return every evening to your comfortable cruise ship. A cruise is an excellent way to get a feel for what Egypt has to offer on a first trip, allowing you to prioritize what to see on your next visit.

The Pyramids

One of the historic wonders of the world, these amazing buildings are a highlight of any trip to Egypt, but especially on a Nile cruise. A day trip will allow you to get up close to these ancient structures, but your first sight of them will be from your cruise ship. The massive pyramids at Giza are the most famous, but you will see many smaller pyramids as well on a Nile cruise.


The Nile is the living heart of Egypt, and it is home to many exotic creatures. Crocodiles are common and easy to spot, sunning themselves on the Nile shore. Many birds can be spotted on the Nile, including Kingfishers, various species of Ibis, Bee-Eaters and even pink Flamingos in the winter months. While they are not as common as they once were, visitors may also be fortunate enough to spot a Nile hippopotamus.

Elephantine Island

Elephantine Island is a favorite Egyptian destination, and is often a stop on cruises. From the air, the island resembles the tusk of an elephant, but the name has been the same for thousands of years, and scientists are still at a loss to explain the name's origin. The island, and its port city, Aswan, once represented the southern most outpost of Egypt. It was used as a way point for traders between Egypt and Nubia and it was the site of a fort. Parts of the fort can still be seen, and ruins of a temple cover the southern tip of the island. One of the famous nilometers, a tool for measuring the depth of the river, can be seen from the water as well.

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