Kayak Lessons in Chicago

Kayak Lessons in Chicago
Chicago, Illinois seems to be a city made for kayaking. Historic waterways full of beautiful plant life, birds and small animals and the dramatic Chicago skyline provide kayakers with the best of the modern and natural worlds. Numerous calm lagoons are popular practice places for beginning kayakers and local kayak instructors offer many programs on the Chicago River, giving students plenty of classes to choose from.

Kayak Fitness in Chicago

The Chicago River Canoe & Kayak Company offers several kayak classes. The first day of its "Cardio Kayak" class serves as an introduction to kayaking; it is available even to students who don't wish to participate in the entire 4-week course. Monthly paddle and pedal trips that combine kayaking and bicycling along Chicago's Riverwalk are popular as well. Chicago River Canoe & Kayak also has canoe lessons, private kayak lessons and small group classes. Special outings, including a full-moon kayak trip and visits to river's edge attractions, make Chicago River Canoe & Kayak a resource for new and seasoned kayakers.

Chicago River Canoe & Kayak
3400 N Rockwell St.
Chicago, Illinois 60618
(773) 252-3307

Sea Kayaking Lessons in Chicago

Kayak Chicago's "Introduction to Sea Kayaking" is a 4-hour class offered twice a day on weekends throughout the summer and taught by certified sea kayak instructors. Students learn kayaking basics and how to feel comfortable and safe in a kayak. Safety standards and rules of the water are also addressed. Students learn about the different types of kayaks and their parts, how to get a proper fit and how to get in and out of a kayak safely, even in the event of a capsize. Basic paddle stroke techniques are taught, giving students the skills to go forward, backward, stop, turn and spin.

Intermediate and advanced kayaking classes also are available, as well as Eskimo roll workshops in a swimming pool and one-on-one lessons.

Kayak Chicago
1501 N. Magnolia Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60622
(630) 336-7245

Beginner-Advanced Kayaking in Chicago, Beyond

The Chicago Kayak Center and the Chicago Kayak Club offer individual and group kayak instruction as well as periodic field trips to areas such as the Florida Everglades. Beginner classes are held nine months out of the year at the Skokie Lagoons. Equipment is provided, including wet suits when needed. Depending on the weather, advanced classes are held at other Lake Michigan sites. Roll classes are held at swimming pools. Other courses are offered through the Adventure Racing Association.

Chicago Kayak Center
2738 Noyes St.
Evanston, Illinois 60201
(847) 425-9925

Chicago Kayak Club

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