The Best Fishing in Ohio

The Best Fishing in Ohio
Once considered a fruitful frontier by eager pioneers, Ohio has a long history of intrepid anglers fishing for their livelihood and survival. Freshwater fishing has since become a largely recreational pastime, but still offers a variety of challenges depending upon the body of water, the available fish species and the specific conditions. Ohio has much to offer fishermen: major rivers, the Great Lake Erie, and many small fishing holes.

Alum Creek Reservoir

A broad body of water created by the Army Corp of Engineers in 1974, Alum Creek Reservoir is great for anglers since it is regularly stocked by the Division of Wildlife. It is also remarkably convenient, located just a few miles from the capital city of Columbus. Home to bass, catfish, walleye and crappie, the lake has nearly 4,000 acres of water for recreational boating, swimming and fishing.

Kiser Lake

For those looking for a more traditional and quiet fishing experience there is the glacially-formed Kiser Lake. Between Columbus and the Indiana state line to the west, Kiser Lake does not permit motor-powered craft. Fishermen can use row boats, canoes or even sailboats. Kiser Lake is also excellent for shore fishing. The lake is especially renowned for its catfish, which are some of the largest to be found in the region.

Clear Fork Reservoir

The Clear Fork Reservoir has a strict limit of 8 mph for motorized craft. This makes it ideal for trolling and enjoying the smooth waters. Clear Fork Reservoir is especially known for its walleye. With 14 miles of shoreline and an average depth of only 10 feet, the Clear Fork Reservoir is also great for surface fishing.

Lake Erie

Once considered unsuitable for fishing, the rehabilitated Lake Erie now has a number of opportunities. Best known for its yellow perch, smelt and walleye, the more adventurous anglers will often target the rarer rainbow trout. Lake Erie is famous for its sheer diversity of fishing, from commercial fisheries in the north to dock fishing near Sandusky.

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