Travel in East Africa

Travel in East Africa
East Africa is home to an especially diverse collection of flora and fauna. For the outdoor enthusiast, this translates into a spectacular opportunity to interact with the natural world. Choosing from activities that include Ngorongoro Crater, Mahale National Park, gorilla tracking or getting to know the local culture, visitors to this region are sure to come away with something special.

Masai Mara NR

Travel to Kenya and view the annual migration of thousands of wild animals. Masai Mara National Reserve receives thousands of wildebeest, zebra and Thompson's gazelles in their migration from Tanzania each year, one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth. These are followed closely by hyena, leopard, cheetah and lion, and visitors get the chance to view scenes only seen in movies and on television.

The reserve is a year-round home to populations of black rhinoceros, elephant, topi, roan antelope, white-bearded gnu, vultures, hippos, crocodiles and many more. At over 1,500 square kilometers, Masai Mara demands a multi-day safari. Try to book the walking safari on which armed rangers guide and educate tourists on the ecology, habitat and varieties of flora and fauna.

Kenya Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife Office
Utalii House
P.O. Box 30027
Nairobi, Kenya
011 (+254) 020 333 555


Swim with flying gurnards along the reefs of Zanzibar. A semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, the archipelago of Zanzibar makes water lovers wag their tails. Head to the main island of Unguja, and begin your visit in Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Stone Town is a historic trading port where slaves were traded, and as such is culturally, architecturally and linguistically a mix of African, Omani and Indian influences. Narrow winding alleys lead to ancient Arab forts and a sultan's palace.

Lively bazaars are found in close proximity. After shopping, the brave can board a dala dala, local transport, for the bumpy, dusty trip to the village of Kendwa, found along the northern tip of the island. Healthy, colorful reefs and bustling marine populations make snorkeling and scuba diving here a top priority. Scuba Do Zanzibar rents equipment, instructs and leads dives along the coast.

Scuba Do Zanzibar
P.O. Box 3546
Zanzibar, Tanzania
011 (+255) 747 417 157

Zanzibar Commision for Tourism
P.O. Box 1410
Zanzibar, Tanzania
011 (+255) 024 223 3485

Rwenzori National Park

Climb some of the highest peaks on the continent at Rwenzori Mountain National Park. Forming a natural border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, this range begs to be hiked, backpacked and explored. There are six major peaks in the Rwenzoris, each over 4,600 meters, and alpine zones are seasoned with glaciers, lakes and waterfalls. To really appreciate this park, plan on spending a minimum of a week backpacking and camping in the bush. Wildlife found in the park includes four species of primate, including our closest genetic relative the chimpanzee. The park is a botanist's paradise of five different vegetation zones and numerous species of birds and butterflies can be seen.

Ugandan Wildlife Authority
Plot 7 Kira Road, Kamwokya
P.O. Box 3530
Kampala, Uganda
011 (+256) 41 346 291

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