What to Take on Vacation to Mexico

What to Take on Vacation to Mexico
Mexico is in North America and is home to popular tourist destinations like Cancún, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. People travel to Mexico all year round, and there are a number of important items that should be included in every tourist's luggage.

Travel Documents

Travel to Mexico requires a number of important travel documents. Verify that your passport has not expired and will not expire before your trip ends. Pack your driver's license if you plan to rent a car or drive while in large Mexican cities like Mexico City or Monterrey. A copy is not sufficient---the actual document must be present. Some water sports and boating facilities also require a valid U.S. driver's license when renting boating equipment or water sports equipment. Vehicles including boats should not be operated without a driver's license. When traveling to Mexico, it is important to always carry a copy of your birth certificate. For safekeeping of your documents, purchase a travel fanny pack that can be worn around the waist and concealed under your clothes.

Essential Items

When touring or hiking archeological sites like Teotihuacan pyramids, it is important to bring a travel-size first aid kit, sunscreen and any prescription drugs (including inhalers) that you may be taking. These difficult to navigate tourist attractions can be exhaustive and challenging, so you want to be sure you have the medicine necessary to treat asthma attacks and other conditions, should they occur in remote areas of Mexico. Also, speak with your doctor about obtaining a copy of your medical records and a list of all medicines you are taking. For medicines that must be taken daily, include a note with instructions in case of an emergency. Also include the name of your physician and a phone or fax number where your doctor can be reached. This information will come in handy in the event of an injury or a fall. Finally, pack enough sunscreen to last the length of the trip and be sure the SPF is appropriate for your skin type, especially when climbing to the top of the Teotihuacan pyramids.

Other Items

Pack for your itinerary. While Mexico is known for its hot climate, especially in coastal towns, it is important to consider evenings out or outdoor excursions to golf courses, zoos and hiking events, all of which require particular footwear and clothing. Golf shoes and hiking shoes and gear can be rented, but comfortable walking shoes are needed when traveling to remote locations by foot or touring for several hours at a time. If you'll be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors---for example, sightseeing the soft sand beaches of the Bays of Huatulco---pack sunglasses and large hats to prevent overexposure to the sun's hot rays. Also, bring a backpack to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated.

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