Best Slip-on Walking Shoes

Best Slip-on Walking Shoes
Used to facing often treacherous landscapes, outdoor enthusiasts must be sticklers when it comes to footwear for running, hiking and even trail biking. Although walking is considered less strenuous, the quality and performance of a walking shoe is equally important. Several outdoor apparel manufacturers sell walking shoes designed to easily slip on and off for added ease and comfort. Whether you plan on walking two miles or 10, there are slip-on shoes well-suited to trail or street walking.

L.L. Bean Storm Chaser Slip-On Shoes

This slip-on walking shoe is designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as a pair of sneakers while offering the protection of a boot. Manufactured by L.L. Bean and sold for $75, this shoe is built from the same material used in both running and walking shoes. The lining is made with TEK2.5 to offer tighter waterproof protection, and the rubber outsole is designed for traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

Merrell Jungle Moc

Fans sing the praises of this $70 shoe produced by Merrell, a company that has provided outdoor enthusiasts with footwear for more than 26 years. The Jungle Moc is both stain and water-resistant with an air cushion located midsole for added comfort. Its sticky rubber outsole, known as the "Jungle Runner," will help you avoid slipping.

New Balance 790

The New Balance 790 is a slip-on version of their low-profile trail running shoe and ideally suited to outdoor or trail walking. The shoe's shock distribution plate is located midsole to minimize pressure and protect your feet when walking on rocks and rough terrain. If you are a fan of New Balance running shoes, you will love this $50 shoe for walking.

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