The Best Places to Travel in Europe in October

The Best Places to Travel in Europe in October
October can be a particularly nice time to travel in Europe. Tourism slows down and crowds get thinner. Days are often still sunny, but they get a bit shorter and at night you do sometimes feel the onset of the chilly European winter. Still, for the traveler who likes a little more elbow room, northern and middle Europe can be excellent October destinations.

October in France

With cooler temperatures and none of the maddening throng of summer tourists, October in France can be beautiful indeed. As the leaves begin to turn, the idyllic French countryside comes alive with autumn colors. Halloween in France still maintains an old-fashion innocence long gone from our domestic version. Aside from Halloween, other notable October happenings in France are the Nancy Jazz Festival in early October and the Descent from the Mountain Pastures in Annecy.

October in Spain

Spain remains warm and pleasant in October, without any of the stifling heat and crowds of summer. The pleasant dry weather makes October the perfect month for bicycling through the Moorish southern cities of Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada. Swimming in the Mediterranean, however is no fun in October. Free of summer tourists, Barcelona remains a lively, fun destination, but perhaps a little chilly.

October in Italy

Southern Italy, with its mild winter, remains warm and is far less crowded in October. Pompeii, Cicily and even Rome are excellent cultural destinations during the Italian fall. For a more picturesque, scenic destination, why not try Amalfi. Venice while a bit chilly and damp, takes on a romantic mysterious quality further enhanced by the fog and lack of tourists. Chocolate lovers will want to experience the Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia, famous for some of the finest chocolates anywhere.


Sometimes a little damp this time of year, Portugal will still likely have blue skies throughout October. Without masses of tourists, places like Lisbon, Sintra and Evora regain their pleasant, old-world charms. The countryside and coastal regions slow down and are perfect for a bicycle tour. Cuisine in Portugal is of course, wonderful year round.

October in Germany

Oktoberfest in the Bavarian city of Munich is perhaps the most well-known autumn travel destination in Europe. This 16-day festival is certainly not to be missed, if you do find yourself in Germany in October. With hearty German food and beer in abundance, the tents of Oktoberfest offer a good time for everyone. Set in the heart of the Bavarian capital, a visit to Oktoberfest also provides good opportunities for hiking, biking and sightseeing in the nearby Bavarian mountains.

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