Pup Tents for Kids

Pup Tents for KidsPup tents are a great way to give children their first experience camping right in your own backyard. Pup tents are perfect for quick overnights on warm summer nights and are usually very light and compact, making them easy to transport. The characteristic "A-frame" of a pup tent makes it very easy to assemble and perfectly sized for just one or two kids.

Camp Winnemucca

The Camp Winnemucca Pup Tent is designed for kids ages 8 and up. Made of pure vinyl, the base is an inflatable rubber rider that can serve as a cushy surface for sleeping bags or a flotation device to use at the pool. This pup tent comfortably sleeps two and comes with its own air pump, and its dimensions are 67 by 51 by 48.5 inches.


Coleman A-Frame

The A-Frame for Kids by Coleman two-man pup tent is for warm-weather use. Its A-frame shape makes it easy to assemble. The tent features a waterproof floor and is rugged enough to withstand stormy weather. 

Camp Snoopy Beagle Scout A-Frame

The Camp Snoopy A-Frame pup tent sleeps one or two kids and includes all the necessary hardware to set up in just five minutes. Suitable for warm to mild weather, this tent is inexpensive and weighs just four pounds when packed up.

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