Michigan Vacation Tips

Michigan Vacation Tips
Michigan's two peninsulas double the pleasure for vacationers looking to get outdoors. Michigan is home to a national park, miles of coastline, four national forests, and access to plenty of lake and river waters. What this means to travelers is that even if they have no interest in the history of the automobile and don't really even want to be around cars that much, Michigan is a welcoming travel destination. These Michigan vacation tips are intended to reveal some of the secret pleasures that often get lost in outsiders' view of this often overlooked state.


Much of Michigan is pristine, undeveloped wilderness protected in the form of a national park and state parks. The Upper Peninsula is especially open for hikers because it is even less developed than the Lower Peninsula. Both peninsulas offers rugged backcountry hiking as well as defined hiking trails, so whatever your experience and expertise you can find a great place to study Michigan's flora and fauna from your hiking boots. Some of the more interesting trails in Michigan include Deadman's Hill, Birch Point and Beaver Lake Loop.


Michigan takes its biking seriously as evidenced by its dedication to converting railroad beds into multi-use trails. Road bikers will especially appreciate the rolling hills through Michigan's wine country, especially the 28-mile long Saugatuck Ramble. During the off-season, you can find some good mountain biking opportunities at the ski resorts when the snow goes away.


If you really want to stretch your diving experience by exploring mysterious shipwrecks, forget about the Bermuda Triangle. The Great Lakes have sucked down more ships than the Bermuda Triangle probably ever will and Michigan has thoughtfully provided 1900 square miles of area for experienced scuba divers to explore these graveyards at the bottom of Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron. Those who aren't ready to explore underwater should consider taking a ride on glass bottom boat.

Lake Superior Shipwreck Diving
1204 Commercial Street
Munising, MI 49862
(906) 387-4477

Cross-Country Skiing

While there are some sites for alpine skiing in Michigan, if you go there you should really try cross-country skiing. Huron Meadow Metropark and nearby Kensington Metropark are two spots to get to appreciate the admittedly less flamboyant nature of Nordic style skiing. In fact, both the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan present attractive stretches of land to strap on the skis. Cross-country skiing is a good way to introduce novices to the intricacies of staying aboard skis before introducing them to the downhill version.

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