What to Take on Cruise Vacations

What to Take on Cruise Vacations
The first thing to consider when deciding what you need for a cruise vacation is your destination. The weather is a big consideration in knowing what to pack. Not only should you pack for being on the ship, but you will also want to pack for taking part in activities at the ports of call. Another consideration is room. While some cruise ships seem to be floating cities, nearly everyone can expect to complain about their cabin being too small so take that into consideration when choosing what to bring and what to leave back home.

Recreation Clothing

The clothing that you wear on the ship should be appropriate to the locale, but you also need to consider what kind of clothing you'll need when you go inland. If you plan on taking advantage of native hiking or biking trails, you need to study up on that particular piece of geography. Warm hiking boots would be necessary for an Alaskan cruise, but you would want something lighter for a Caribbean cruise. If you plan on going swimming or snorkeling or scuba diving, consider packing several different swimsuits. If you plan on doing a lot of hiking, break in at least two pairs of hiking boots before you get there in case something happens to the first pair.

Personal Items

A cruise typically means a lot of time spent outdoors and that means pests and sweat, especially on tropical cruises. Be sure to pack your cruise necessities. You can be sure of finding deodorant and bug repellent on the ship at your ports of call, but it may not be the one you usually use. Make sure that you pack the brand you are used to and prefer so that you don't run the risk of an allergic reaction or buying a brand that doesn't work.

Workout Clothing

Don't forget to pack your workout gear when you go on a cruise. Most cruise ships today have a loaded fitness center. Some have jogging trails and a few even have rock climbing walls so you can perfect your technique before you head of the ship and try the real thing. Exercise is becoming a very important part of the whole cruise experience and you don't want to shortchange yourself.

Sun Protection

Especially on tropical cruises, you will be dealing with the sun and all its power. Make sure to pack your favorite hat and stock up on sunscreen at your local drug store. Again, you can certainly find sunscreen to buy on the ship, but at a premium price that won't be nearly as cheap as if you just go ahead and pack before you leave. If you plan on being out in the sun a lot while biking, hiking, swimming or otherwise getting back to nature, make sure that you pack a small bottle of sunscreen to carry with you when you are off the ship.

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