List of Monuments in Paris

List of Monuments in Paris
France's largest city, capital and cultural heart, Paris is one of the most influential urban centers in all of Europe. It is a city steeped in history. With such a strong cultural legacy the Parisian people have gone a long way toward preserving and memorializing the events of the past. Some are staid monuments to a lost time, while others are living creations that contribute to the modern life of the city.

Grande Arche

Designed as a monument to human ideals rather than a war or battle, Grande Arche stands regally in the business district of Paris. The Arche is shaped like a hollowed cube and has been wowing sightseers and citizens since its completion in 1990. The Grande Arche is especially worth seeing at night, when its entire outer rim is brightly lit.

Colonne de Vendome

Standing over 144 feet in height, the Colonne de Vendome is an intimidating 19th century monument to the Battle of Austerlitz. Built of a stone core surrounded by the bronze of over 1,200 captured cannons, the Colonne de Vendome was designed to evoke the victory columns of ancient Rome.

Faculty of Medicine Monument

At the end of Rue Antoine Dubois stands a monument to a different kind of hero. The statue of Alfred Vulpian celebrates the accomplishments of a remarkable doctor, rather than a general or king. Vulpian discovered adrenaline and was a pioneering neurologist.

Saint-Jacques Tower

The Saint-Jacques Tower is the one remaining element of the Saint-Jacques-la-Boucherie cathedral, which was first built in the early 16th century. Blaise Pascal's experiments in atmospheric pressure were conducted at the tower, a feat commemorated in the small park below. Other famous persons involved with the tour include Alexandre Dumas, who wrote a play about the tower, and , who is buried underneath its floor.

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