What Should One Bring on a Vacation to the Dominican Republic?

What Should One Bring on a Vacation to the Dominican Republic?
Dominican Republic is a very popular vacation destination located in the southern Caribbean. The areas of Puerto Plata and Punta Cana are where the majority of tourists visit and are home to international airports. Visitors will find there are very few necessities or toiletries for sale. As a result, bring anything you will need or want, besides food and drink, on your vacation.


Health concerns are expected when traveling to a foreign country as the environment and food can be very different. Bring all necessary prescriptions and medications, such as heartburn, diarrhea and pain relief medicines, as it's very hard to find health care products in the Dominican Republic. If you do find any, the prices will be very high. Pack sunscreen, at 50 SPF or above, and aloe vera gel, too. The sun is very strong in this region and you can get sunburned very easily. Even travelers who don't usually get a sunburn use sunscreen because of the intensiveness of the suns rays. The aloe vera gel helps counter the pain from a sunburn.


Given its tropical weather, lightweight clothes and beach attire are the best choice for clothing. Daytime temperatures average in the 80s with high humidity, making it feel much hotter than the actual temperature. Air conditioning is not found in many places, except for resorts in the Dominican Republic. Even at resorts, guest rooms are often the only air conditioned spaces. Light-colored thin cotton clothes will keep you the coolest because they reflect much of the suns rays and allow air to flow through the fabric. Shorts and bathing suits are preferred by male tourists, while bikinis and summer dresses are most popular with female tourists.


Bring a copy of important documents, such as passports, photo identifications and all travel documents, with you to the Dominican Republic. Duplicates can be beneficial if originals are lost or stolen. Keep the originals on you when traveling, and then lock them in a safe location during your vacation. When traveling, keep the copies in a suitcase or with a trusted companion for the best security.

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