Things to Do in Rome With Kids

Things to Do in Rome With Kids
If you plan to travel to Rome, Italy, with your children, be assured that there are many ways to entertain them and engage them in activities. Kids will love Rome because they love the foods that made it famous: pizza, pasta and ice cream. To help them begin to understand the art and history of the area, use some of the most popular, time-tested activities for children.

The Bioparco

The Bioparco is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, with 1,000 animals, over 200 species and 1,000 trees on display (including unique species of very rare and old trees). The zoo has both traditional zoo animals and farm animals. The grounds include a restaurant and many picnic areas.
Fondazione Bioparco di Roma
Piazzale del Giardino Zoologico No. 1
011 (+39) 06 360 82 11


Villa Doria Pamphilj

Villa Doria Pamphilj is Rome's largest park, home to rare plants, lovely trees and many (mostly aquatic) creatures and birds. Features include a Renaissance style garden and a serpentine design to the park. Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi has pony rides and a merry-go-round. The park is open dawn to dusk.
Villa Doria Pamphilj
Via di San Pancrazio
Rome, Rome 00152
011 (+39) 06 3937 6616 (municipicio Roma)

Parco dei Mostri a Bomarzo

Monsters Park is made up of gardens filled with grotesque stone sculptures (mannerist art). Open all year, the grounds include a souvenir shop, bar and restaurant, picnic area and games for children. The restaurant requires reservations. Special activities are scheduled as well, including a yearly horse race called a palio and a costume parade.
Parco dei Mostri a Bomarzo
01020 Bomarzo
Viterbo, Italy
011 (+39) 07 6192 4029

The Time Elevator

Journey through time with a 3-D experience including multisensory effects, moving platforms, panoramic screens and English translation. Experience The Time Elevator, Escape from Bane Manor, An Ode to Life--or try all three.
The Time Elevator
Via dei SS. Apostoli, 20
00187 Roma (RM)

Explora il Museo dei Bambini

The Children's Museum of Rome is called Explora. The museum is sized for child visitors and made to be hands-on. Children learn through play and experimenting. Facilitators are present to offer assistance. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Reservations are recommended.
Explora il Museo dei Bambini
Via Flaminia 82
00196 Roma
011 (+39) 06 361 3776

Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico

Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico is a theme park based around a real castle and grounds, filled with fairy tale and cartoon characters.
Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico
Via Tenuta del Cavaliere
230 Lunghezza-Roma
011 (+39) 06 226 2880


Article Written By Alice Moon

Alice Moon is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience. She was chosen as a Smithsonian Institute intern, working for the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and has traveled throughout Asia. Moon holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Ball State University.

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