Tips on Traveling to Vegas

Tips on Traveling to Vegas
Las Vegas is a year-round attraction with no worries for those who plan on spending most of their time in the casinos, shops and shows. For those who plan on hitting Vegas to take advantage of the outdoor recreation, however, things become a little more difficult. To fully take advantage of all the natural wonders that Las Vegas has to offer outdoor enthusiasts, it is best to get some travel tips beforehand. Not paying attention to this advice can result in a potentially dangerous situation.

Desert Biking

Many bikers like the idea of challenging the desert because it provides a flat path and because it is man's nature to test himself against the elements. Test yourself only in the early or late part of the day from spring through fall and be especially careful during summer. As for clothing, while shorts and a tank top may keep you cool at home, the same attire will leave you baked like a ham under the Vegas sun. Dress with an eye toward keeping your skin protected from the sun as much as keeping cool.



The first time you travel to Vegas and go biking or walking you will underestimate how much water you need. Until you have dealt with the dehydration of the desert personally, you cannot fully appreciate just what it is like. The first time you go for a bike ride or take a hike or play golf prepare beforehand to drink twice as much water as you do back home. You may not actually need it, but better to have too much than not enough.


Anyone with a light complexion needs to prepare to have their sunscreen packed with them at all times they may be out in the sun from spring to fall. Even those with darker skin who normally tan easily tend to feel the effects of hot baking sun in Las Vegas. If you typically only need one application to get you through a hike or bike or down the slopes, just go ahead and plan on needing it twice a day while in Las Vegas.

First Aid Kit

If you are an inveterate outdoors enthusiast, you probably already keep a standard first aid kit with you. One thing you will feel better about having added in Las Vegas even though you'll probably never actually need it is a snake bite kit. The desert is home to venomous snakes and it is better to have a kit just in case.

Best Time for Hiking

Desert hiking is another way for humans to test their mettle. Forget about hiking in canyons around Las Vegas during the summer because it is just too hot. The best times for hiking here is November through March. Make sure that you have plenty of water and check the weather beforehand because sudden downpours can create flash flooding. Wear long pants to protect against the rocky terrain as well as to keep you safe from cactus thorns. Never put your hand somewhere you can't see because the desert is home to scorpions, black widow spiders and poisonous snakes.


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