Things to Bring When Traveling in Europe

Things to Bring When Traveling in Europe
A lot of the travel essentials you carry will not vary much from trip to trip, such as travel documents, personal items, power converters, and so forth. However, when packing for travel in Europe, it helps to keep a few extra items in mind to fit the climate and destinations of Europe.


One of the main drawbacks of foreign travel is dealing with regional adapter plugs, and this becomes even less convenient when you have several personal electronic items, such as a cell phone, iPod, or digital organizer. Enter the ChargePod, a multiended, single-plug charger that enables you to charge a phone, a camera, an mp3 player, and several other devices all at once. This product plugs into a single adapter for the region you happen to be traveling in. It's simple, ingenious, light, and reasonably priced, and no traveler who is dependent upon consumer electronics should be without the ChargePod.

The Charge Pod

Tool Logic Business Card

Many travelers swear by a multipurpose item such as a Swiss army knife or a multitool such as a Leatherman. Unfortunately, heightened airport security makes carrying such a personal item risky at best. Fortunately, Tool Logic offers a solution that serves many of the same purposes, but without a cutting blade. The T1 business card fits in your wallet and weighs less than an ounce, but contains tweezers, a pen, scissors, screwdrivers, and a nail file. Other variants on this product also exist from other manufacturers and may include such items as an LED flashlight and a magnifying glass. Carrying this one item means you will always be prepared for several emergency situations, including sewing, filling out forms, or fixing your glasses, so it is recommended for all European travelers.

Tool Logic T1 Business Card

Money Belt

A hidden money belt is an important travel accessory, particularly in Europe. As travelers do not need to keep their passports handy to travel between nations in Europe, many travelers simply pocket their wallets or carry a handbag as they would at home. Unfortunately, particularly in some areas with heavy tourist trade, such as Rome and London, pickpockets are fairly common. Keeping your valuables, including your passport, large amounts of cash, and tickets, close to your person and under your clothes with a travel belt, is highly advisable. A purse is a very easy target for bag snatchers. While this may still be carried for convenient access to everyday items, it is recommended that you keep your valuables out of sight and closer to your person.

Rick Steves' Travel Belt

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