Tools for Fishing

Tools for Fishing
Anglers employ a wide selection of tools that help in the different aspects of fishing. The typical open water angler will have tools in her tackle box to remove hooks, cut line and to perform other functions. The trolling angler has special tools that enable him to offer fish lures and live bait behind a moving boat. The ice fisherman needs his own set of tools designed to help him first get through the ice to fish and then to land the big ones.

Trolling Tools

Someone who prefers trolling may use a downrigger, a winch-like setup that controls the depth at which the lure is in the water. Modern downriggers are so sophisticated that they are capable of relaying data to the angler about the speed and depth of his presentation. Trolling boards and online planers are tools that can keep the line spread out and allow the angler to use more than one fishing line to cover a larger area in the water. Weighted trolling lines with a lead core and snap-on fishing weights are tools that trollers use to keep lures down at a certain depth.


Typical Fishing Tools

Nearly every angler carries with her some type of tool to remove hooks that become stuck in the jaws or throat of a fish. Needle-nosed pliers are capable of removing hooks, but a pistol-grip handle hook remover has a handle long enough to go into the mouth of fish, especially toothy species like pike, to grasp a hook and remove it. The typical angler will also have a fishing knife to filet his catch, a utility knife, line clippers to snip line and some type of scale to weigh his fish. A tape measure to accurately gauge the length of a fish is an important tool because it allows anglers to comply to minimum length regulations on certain kinds of fish in their state.

Ice Fishing Tools

An ice fisherman needs either a power ice auger or a hand auger to drill holes in the ice. A large ladle is essential to scoop the ice chips out of a new hole or to keep a hole clear of snow. The electronic fish finder is a favorite tool of those who target species such as crappie and bluegill in the winter. It can reveal the position and depth of the fish in the water. Fishermen who fish for pickerel and northern pike, which have sharp teeth, will often have a lip grip tool that can grab the fish by the jaw and let the angler lift the fish safely from the hole.


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