Best Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

Best Vacation Spots in the Caribbean
There are numerous places to vacation in the Caribbean, all worth visiting. In choosing where to vacation you will need to determine how you want to best spend your vacation. For instance, Costa Rica is well known amongst surfers, while St. Lucia offers breathtaking scenery. You will also need to consider other factors such as the weather at the time you plan to travel and even how close the island is as some islands in the Caribbean take several hours to get there.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an island in the Eastern Caribbean close to the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors to St. Lucia will find plenty to occupy their time, from the spectacular white sand beaches to the high Piton Mountains which jut straight out of the ocean. If you enjoy whale watching, the island is a great place to do a whale watching tour as humpback whales, sperm whales and spinner dolphins all frequent the area. If you enjoy biking, consider taking a bike tour around Soufriere which offers ocean views as well as views of the Pitons.


Barbados is one of the most highly developed islands in the Caribbean offering much for visitors to see and do. If you enjoy the water, consider snorkeling the clear waters, exploring the many reefs. Or you could scuba dive in Barbados, which is well known for its many wreck dives. If you've never tried scuba diving, there are numerous dive centers that can certify you in just a couple of days. If you'd like to enjoy the water but want to stay dry, consider taking the Atlantis submarine tour which takes visitors down in their air conditioned submarines to look at fish life and explore Barbados' impressive 60 foot high coral reef.

Costa Rica

Another great place to vacation on the Caribbean coast is Costa Rica. If you enjoy exploring tropical rain forests and pristine beaches, then this is an excellent option. Tortuguero National park is filled with lagoons and canals, and is a popular place to spot nesting turtles. Consider renting a kayak and exploring the park that way. For scuba divers, diving along Costa Rica's Caribbean coast is a must. The water tends to be clearer than the Pacific coast and the reef just off Parque Nacional Cahuita is home to 35 different types of coral as well as 123 different species of fish. Cahuita is also very popular amongst surfers so if you surf, be sure to plan your trip for between November and March when surf is best.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

Shiromi Nassreen has been writing professionally since 2005. She specializes in travel and outdoor topics, and her articles have appeared in various print and online publications, including "DISfunkshion Magazine" and Matador Travel. Nassreen holds a Bachelor of Arts in theatre studies from Rose Bruford College of Speech & Drama.

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