List of Spanish Breakfast Foods

List of Spanish Breakfast Foods
In Spain, most people enjoy light breakfasts and large lunches. Popular breakfasts usually include pastries served with coffee or hot chocolate. However, when something more substantial is desired, most Spaniards will prepare fried eggs, which are often served as omelets.

Breads and Rolls

The most traditional breakfast in Spain is a simple warm, sweet roll dipped in jam, called a bolo. In the past 20 years though, other options have begun replacing bolos, and children today occasionally even eat cereal---a relatively new phenomenon in the country.


These thin, donut-like pastries, covered in cinnamon and sugar, are a favorite breakfast staple in Spain, just as donuts are popular sweet breakfast treats in the U.S. Most Spaniards like to indulge by dunking their churros in thick hot chocolate.

Maria Crackers

Maria crackers are thin crackers similar in consistency to the round American snack or hors d'oeuvres crackers, but instead of a buttery, salty flavor, they are very sweet. The crackers have recently began catching on in the country, where they are commonly dipped in hot chocolate or coffee.

Hot Chocolate

Spain was the first to bring chocolate from the New World to Europe. Since then, it has become a favorite treat of locals. The hot chocolate enjoyed here is very thick and rich. While children are made to drink hot chocolate over coffee, many adults still prefer their chocolate. Hot chocolate in the morning is often paired with churros or Maria crackers.


Spaniards enjoy their coffee with milk. The most popular beverage for adults is espresso with a lot of hot, frothy milk. This blend is called café con leche in the country. Most of the time, they will enjoy their coffee with bolos, although adults often enjoy churros as well.


The people of Spain generally prefer lighter breakfasts, but when they need something more substantial, they will sometimes opt for eggs. Eggs are generally served fried---never hard boiled. They are often made into thick omelets filled with peppers, tomatoes and onions. These omelets are unlike the ones eaten in the U.S. in that they rarely include cheese.

Bread with Tomatoes

In Catalonia, a popular breakfast consists of slices of grilled bread with olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. Sometimes eggs or ham are added on top.

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