Bicycle Safety Signs

Bicycle Safety Signs
Riding a bike is excellent exercise and a lot of fun. Whether biking on the trail or on the road, safety is paramount. Wearing a helmet, staying visible, and obeying traffic rules are vital parts of staying safe when cycling. It is also important to be aware of and pay attention to bicycle safety signs.

Road Obstacle

The bicycle obstacle sign indicates gaps in the road or some other obstacle that can be dangerous to riders. Pay close attention to the road and slow down in anticipation of the obstacle.

Steep Hill

An obvious but overlooked sign, the hill sign indicates a steep downhill slope ahead. Proceed with caution and make sure to slow to an appropriate speed when approaching the bottom of the hill.

Slippery Surface Sign

The surface sign doesn't show a bike with streamers coming the tires. Rather, it indicates a possible slippery road surface. This could be ice, gravel or mud. Reduce speed and proceed with caution.

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