The Best Key West Vacations

The Best Key West Vacations
If you are planning a vacation to Key West you will find that there are a number of ways to explore the area both on land, such as bicycle tours, and by boat, either on a kayak or on a charter boat. However you plan to spend your vacation, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the wildlife and natural wonders of Key West.

Bike Tour

One of the best ways to explore Key West is by bicycle. One popular company that offers bicycle tours of Key West is Lloyd's Tropical Bike Tour. The tour is given by Lloyd, a 30-year resident of Key West who will take you through quaint back alleys to really experience the flora and fauna of the region. You may even get to meet quirky locals. One of the stops on the tour is at the Medicine Garden, which is a private meditation garden. Lloyd even stops at some private residences to allow visitors to taste local fruit like mango or starfruit. You'll smell the salty ocean breeze as you look at the interesting architecture around Key West. This is one unforgettable way to spend your vacation in Key West.

Lloyd's Tropical Bike Tour
Key West FL 33040
(305) 294-1882


Kayak Tour

If you enjoy paddling, consider taking a kayak tour of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. One company that offers such a tour is Big Pine Kayak Adventures. They offer group tours as well as kayak rentals. On a guided tour around the National Wildlife Refuge you'll get to see many interesting types of wildlife including dolphins, sea turtles, baby sharks and great white heron. You also have the opportunity to explore the refuge yourself using detailed maps from your guides that will tell you the best places to snorkel, look for deer or even to picnic.

Big Pine Kayak Adventures
1791 Bogie Dr
Big Pine Key, FL 33043-5023
(305) 872-7474

Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling

If your aim on your Key West vacation is to see dolphins, consider taking a dolphin tour. One popular company that offers boat tours to see wild dolphins is Captain Seaweed Charters. On their Eco-tour and Dolphin Encounter you will get to first experience the picturesque mangroves where you can look for small lobster among the roots, while out on the flats, great white heron stand like statues. Next on your tour, you are taken to an area where wild dolphins frequent, leaping and riding the bow of the waves. If you're really lucky, the captain will have brought his Labrador with him, who frequently enjoys swimming with the dolphins. Finally, you'll get to do some swimming of your own as you don snorkeling gear and swim amongst turtles, rays and lobsters.

Captain Seaweed Charters
5130 Overseas Highway
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 872-7588


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