Jamaica Vacation Spots

Jamaica Vacation Spots
Jamaica is best known for its many oceanside resorts and perfect white, sandy beaches. But the island offers a whole lot more apart from sun-tanning. A variety of activities exist beyond the hotels and beach recliners. For some real island adventure, try deep-sea fishing in the deep blue waters off of Falmouth, ride horseback into the mountains above St. Ann's Bay or scuba dive in Montego Bay.


Consider staying a while in Falmouth, Jamaica, one of the island's premier sport fishing vacation spots. Here you can load up in a boat and head out to sea, getting your fill of deep-sea fishing. Falmouth is filled with equipped vessels and sport fishing boats, plus more than a few quality fishing guides, to assist you if needed. You may want to time your trip to coincide with one of the island's blue marlin tournaments, held in several locations across Jamaica--including a major tournament in Falmouth.

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Falmouth, Jamaica
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St. Anne's Bay

Try taking a horseback ride across Jamaica's rugged, rain forest-covered terrain. St. Anne's Bay is one of the best vacation spots for this. Follow the trail carved through the land by the Greater St. Anne's Bay River (don't miss out on a swim in the area's natural rock pools and rock water slides). From the river, head up to higher ground, where, after beginning from sea level, you can reach heights of up to 1,800 feet. You'll pass bamboo patches, some of the loudest tree frogs you'll ever hear and several friendly villages before the trail opens up to spectacular views of the island from high above.

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Montego Bay

A trip to "Mo Bay," as the locals call Montego Bay, is arguably the best option for scuba lovers when it comes to Jamaica. Not only are the waters crystal clear, but the bay includes a sunken DC-3 aircraft that you can explore--plus several coral reefs (including a conservation area) famous for their rainbow-colored sponges and underwater caves. Wall diving is available, too. The average depth in the bay is around 30 feet, but several spots boast depths of more than 100 feet. For the calmest water, head out in the early morning.

Beach House Villas Dive Center
Negril, Jamaica
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