Things to Do in Guadalajara Jalisco

Things to Do in Guadalajara Jalisco
The capital city of the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara is Mexico's second largest city and a growing draw as a tourist destination. Easily accessed via a main highway from Mexico City, Guadalajara is also close to resort areas such as Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. Located Founded in 1531, Guadalajara offers visitors a rich cultural tapestry to explore through colonial, revolutionary and modern sights.

Parque Agua Azul

Explore Parque Agua Azul, one of Guadalajara's larger parks and very popular with residents. Located close to downtown Guadalajara, this 40 acre park offers rolling lawns and gardens to stroll through, over 1400 trees to picnic and snooze under, an outdoor bandshell where live music, theater and movies are screened, and a greenhouse devoted solely to orchids. Educational opportunities include guided ecological tours, workshops and plays as well as eco-related media presentations. Of special note is the bird and butterfly aviaries, each with its own tunnel that visitors can use to observe our flying friends.

Parque Agua Azul
Calzada Independencia Sur #973
Guadalajara, Mexico
011 (+33) 3619 0328


Watch one of Mexico's storied soccer clubs play a match. By far, futbol is Mexico's most popular sport. Viewing a match in a huge stadium packed with screaming, passionate fans can be a memorable experience. Of the three professional teams that play in the state of Jalisco, Club Deportivo Guadalajara is the most famous. Playing in the Primera Division, the top flight of Mexican Soccer, Guadalajara is one of only two teams that has never been relegated to the second division. Nicknamed Las Chivas, the goats, the team is the only team in the league to field exclusively Mexican-born players.

CD Guadalajara Official Website

Walking Tour

There is no reason to take a tour in a stuffy bus that zooms by at mach five when visitors can take a walking tour of the historical areas of town for free. Combining the best historical sights with a bit of exercise, walking tours allow visitors to learn more thanks to a slower pace. Each Saturday morning and afternoon, by the tourist information booth in Plaza Ayuntamiento, three hour tours are given that explore the city's colonial churches, monuments and buildings. Those requiring an English speaking guide should call an hour beforehand to request a guide.

Historic Guadalajara Tours
Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara
Plaza Mayor 719001
Guadalajara, Mexico
011 (+33) 3615-1182

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