Ice Fishing House Tips

Ice Fishing House Tips
Ice fishing is very popular in the northern United States and Canada. The ice fishing season varies by location and yearly weather conditions, but is often a few months long. Having a permanent fishing structure is vary convenient in these regions as it provides the ability to store your gear and protect you from the elements.


Portable and permanent are the two main types of ice fishing houses that anglers have to choose from. Portable ice houses are recommended because of their ease of moving to different locations, as they are often lighter and are designed with wheels or skis for easy movement on the ice. Since the purpose of an ice house is to make ice fishing convenient ,make sure you purchase or build one that is large enough to store all your gear and supplies so it does not have to be transported back and forth all the time.



Heating an ice fishing house is very important for comfort and safety. Having a warm shelter will mean that you can comfortably fish for an extended period of time. When purchasing a heater make sure it is rated for a large enough area to sufficiently heat your ice house and that it is safe to use in an enclosed environment. It is also recommended that you keep a supply of extra fuel on hand in case you run out. Low emission propane heaters are a good choice since they are relatively inexpensive and are very compact. They are designed for use in tents and other small enclosed areas with little ventilation. All heaters should have a low oxygen shutoff system to protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning.


Check with local bait shops to get the latest information on where the fish are biting. On busy lakes it is often easier to simply look to see where all the rest of the ice houses are, as this is usually a sign that that's where the fish are biting. Test holes should be drilled before moving or placing an ice house onto a location to ensure integrity of ice and depth of water. A way anglers use to cover more of an area is to use an ice house as a shelter that they can come back to when they get cold. They fish an area until they get cold then retreat back to the ice fishing house to get warm and comfortable. This keeps anglers from having to move the ice houses too frequently.


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