Tips for Safe Travel to Ireland

Tips for Safe Travel to Ireland
When it comes to safety, traveling to Ireland is no different than traveling to other countries in Europe. Ireland is a relatively safe country and U.S. citizens are typically welcomed with open arms. Following simple and straightforward guidelines will ensure travelers can enter Ireland without a problem and remain safe during their trip.

Entering Ireland

U.S. visitors to Ireland will need a valid passport in order to enter Ireland. The passport should remain valid for at least six months after the intended arrival date. No visa is required for stays of up to three months. If you would like to stay longer, contact the Garda National immigration Board for more information ( US citizens can work can work in Ireland for up to one year if they have a specific job and their employer has obtained the appropriate permission. To avoid hassles and questions at the border, it is advisable to have a departure/onward ticket. More information can be found at the U.S. State Department (

Avoid Being a Target

When packing, consider bringing a leather purse or shoulder bag. Fanny packs and money belts are not typically worn by locals and will label you as a tourist. Blending in is the key to avoid becoming a target. Like anywhere in the world, petty crime exists in major cities and tourist destinations. This is especially true in Dublin. Be sure to leave a copy of your passport and important documents at home and hide a set of photocopies in your luggage while traveling.

Traveling With Outdoor Equipment

If traveling with outdoor equipment, check with the airline regarding restrictions. According to the TSA, camping stoves can be carried in checked or carry-on bags if they are clean, fuel free and don't smell of fuel vapors. However, it is virtually impossible for fuel canisters to be vapor free, so the TSA recommends shipping these or buying them upon arrival. Compressed gas, such as butane, can never be taken on board a plane. Trekking poles, knives and leatherman tools should be packed in your checked luggage. All of these items are considered potentially dangerous and cannot be put in your carry-on bags.

Article Written By Alexandra Pallut

Alexandra Pallut is a travel, health and fitness writer based in Steamboat Springs, Colo. She has been writing her way around the world since 2008 and currently works with Pallut graduated with a degree in English literature and French language from Lancaster University in Great Britain.

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