Food to Take Camping

Food to Take CampingFor short camping trips without big hikes, food is easy. Your cooler is like a miniature fridge that can easily accommodate any ingredients you will need for a few outdoor meals. For more extended camping trips or backwoods excursions, however, you have to really rethink the way you eat. Ordinary foods that you use everyday can easily spoil, and fresh ingredients are often too heavy to carry on an extended trip.


Dry, dense snacks are usually the best for camping. They are easy to store and eat on the go. A trail mix with raisins, pieces of chocolate, pretzels and nuts will give you energy to keep going on the trail. Dried fruits make good munching for the sweet tooth. For a salty snack food with a heavy dose of protein, bring some beef jerky or tofu jerky along.


Food to Take Camping

For the first few days of your camping trip, you can eat baked goods for breakfast. Bagels and baguettes are particularly good choices, since their hard shells keep them fresh for longer than soft bread. A hot cereal--such as grits or oatmeal--is also a good way to start off your breakfast. Boil enough water to make some coffee or tea, and you'll have a full meal ready. Granola is also a good option, and it doubles as a great snack food. Combine it with powdered milk and water, or just munch it straight out of the bag.


Lunch and Dinner

Baked goods are good for outdoor lunches. The humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a campsite classic that requires very little preparation. If you're camping on the cheap, you can also get a lot of mileage out of Ramen noodles as well as canned soup, stew and beans. If you feel like cooking, try to cook your meals with dry bulk foods. Lentils, rice, kidney beans and pasta are all great for camping trips. You can use root vegetables to spice up your meals, since potatoes onions and other roots tend to last even without refrigeration. Add pickled veggies, canned meats, dried fruits or even chunks of jerky to give your meal more flavor. Don't neglect to bring some basic spices along. Take salt and something sweet such as honey or sugar. You may also want to bring pepper or even hot sauce to give your grub a bit of a kick.

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