Things to Do in Genoa, Nevada

Things to Do in Genoa, Nevada
Genoa is located near Carson City, Nev., and is the oldest settlement in the state. It was first established by Mormons in 1851, and is an important historic site in the story of American pioneering and the westward migration. Modern Genoa has at its center the Mormon Station Historic Park, and grants access to activities in the larger Carson Valley.

Mormon Station

The center of Mormon Station is the small log cabin museum with artifacts from Nevada's pioneering days. This is not the original structure of the station, however, and was built in 1947. The main virtue of the park is that it is a pretty and shady place to have a picnic. There are barbecue grills and picnic tables on the premises, and in 2009 the entry fee for the museum was $1.

P.O. Box 302
Genoa, NV 89411
(775) 782-2590


Genoa offers access to Lake Tahoe, Topaz Lake and the Carson River, as well as other streams and creeks. Topaz Lake and the Carson River are good places to angle for trout, but Topaz also has stocks of bass. Lake Tahoe offers even more angling opportunities, including both trout and landlocked salmon. Lake Tahoe is the closest to Genoa, with the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park being only 12 miles away. Topaz Lake is 28 miles away, the Carson River is about 20 miles (depending on the fishing site selected).

Hiking and Biking

There are a handful of trails in the area that are suitable for hiking, mountain biking or both. The Fay-Luther Trail is a four-mile path suitable for hikers and bikers, and is also pet-friendly. However, it is a strenuous climb. Nearby is the Job's Peak Ranch Trail, which is easier and only 1.5 miles. There are also other, longer trails that start from the Genoa area and either loop through or go one-way into the neighboring Lake Tahoe area. Also, Genoa is a starting point for the Sierra Foothills Road Bike Tour.

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