Fraser Island Vacations

Fraser Island Vacations
Fraser Island sits off the coast of Queensland, on Australia's Eastern Shore. Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island and is home to a number of campsites, motels and full-scale resorts. White sand beaches and 100 lakes create great recreational activities for those who vacation on Fraser Island. What really draws visitors from around the world is Fraser's unique ability to put people close to the area's abundant marine life.

The Great Walk Challenge

Fraser Island is a popular camping destination for people in Australia and New Zealand. Camping and hiking go hand-in-hand, and it is the world-class hiking opportunities that attract campers from other parts of the globe as well. The hiking terrain ranges from moderate, family-friendly trails to intense forest treks with steep slopes and breathtaking views.

The Fraser Island Great Walk is a hiking trip around the island, taking in everything that Fraser has to offer. The six- to eight-day hike is a challenge to even the most seasoned backpacker, but any section of the trail can be used for shorter local hikes without walking around the island.

Whale-Watching Adventures

Fraser Island has an abundance of marine life. Sharks, dolphins and sea turtles can be seen in the waters around Fraser Island. Whales, particularly large humpbacks, are among the most popular animals to see. They make their way past Fraser during annual migrations.

Head to the city of Hervey Bay to see these magnificent creatures splashing in and out of the water. Lookout points on high ground, such as the Indian Head lookout, offer scenic views and an opportunity to spot whales from the ground. Local tour companies organize excursions on the water that allow you to get close to the whales. The main whale-watching season runs from the end of July until mid-October.

Fun in the Sun

Being the world's largest sand island has its advantages. Fraser Island is surrounded by the cleanest white sand beaches. Not only is there an abundance of beachfront property for swimming and surfing, but there also are enormous sand dunes that are perfect for four-wheeling.

For fishermen, Fraser Island has an enormous network of rivers and streams, and is home to more than 100 freshwater lakes. Each lake is surrounded by more white sand beaches, giving swimmers a choice of fresh water or the open sea.

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