Things to Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Things to Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica
There's a lot more to do in Jamaica's Montego Bay than simply lying on a beach towel. With several ways to explore the waterways, an adventurer can really stay busy. The entire island is tropical, and Montego Bay is on the northern coast. It faces the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico. The warm, calm waters and white sand beaches make it a picturesque escape from everyday life.

Whitewater Rafting

The Caliche River excursions run through rainforests in the cool Jamaica mountains. The self-bailing whitewater rafts are safety inspected and well-maintained. There are many tours available. Guided trips begin and end in Montego Bay, where you're picked up and driven to the top of the mountain or alternate location. You raft your way down to the ocean, stopping to swing from vines or swim under a waterfall. The tour concludes with your return to the area where you were picked up.

Caliche Rainforest & Canyon Whitewater Rafting
Montego Bay, Jamaica
(876) 940 1745

Swim with Dolphins

Guests of the Half Moon at Dolphin Cove are invited to swim with dolphins in shallow water or deep water. This can be done in group sessions or private sessions. Some opt to spend the entire day learning how to be a trainer. The handlers in attendance help guests get comfortable with the dolphins, learning to shake hands, give kisses and even dance.

Dolphin Lagoon Half Moon
Halfmoon Post Office
Rose Hall, Montego Bay,
Jamaica, West Indies
(876) 953-0844

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

The Coyaba Resort in Montego Bay is one of several resorts that offer scuba diving. Rental equipment is available; so are guides that can teach you how to use it. Diving certification is available at some sites. The waters of Montego Bay are warm and calm, with hundreds of colorful fish and tropical ocean plants living in the reefs that protect the lagoon.

Coyaba Resort Jamaica
Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies
(877) 232-3224

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