Vacations on Ko Phangan Island

Vacations on Ko Phangan Island
More formally known as Koh Phangan, Ko Phangan Island is a jeweled oasis, and is the largest island in the Suratthani region of Thailand. The island is widely known for its scenic beauty, which consists of tropical waterfalls, lush national forest and rich marine life on the coral reef. Ko Phangan is an island that is both relaxing and enchanting, attracting visitors from around the world.

Take a Waterfall Tour

No trip to Ko Phangan Island would be complete without visiting the beautiful waterfalls the island is blessed with. Guided tours are available that take visitors on a jungle hike, allowing them to explore Thailand's rich ecosystem first hand while on their way to the falls. Tour guides relay stories of Thai folklore and culture along the way, with the hike culminating at breathtaking waterfalls.

Similar hiking excursions can also be arranged to take you through the jungle, where you will arrive at a semi-deserted beach. These are the places that allow you to take in the quiet serenity and awe-inspiring beauty that Ko Phangan Island has to offer.

Go On an Elephant Excursion

Travel to Chaloklum for an unforgettable vacation experience. Load up two by two in an elephant caravan that goes for a trek out of town, across streams and into the lush rain forest canopy. Hold on tight, as elephant rides are a rocky experience that is somewhat like going on a ride at an amusement part. Take particular care to hold still when the elephants cross streams, as they will be walking on slippery rocks.

The trip will culminate in an area where you can rest and eat. If you're lucky, you'll be treated to an example of how elephants work alongside humans in Thailand's ancient logging industry. Also be advised that elephants are also playful and do have a sense of humor, so don't be surprised if you find one taking your hat and trying it on itself.

Visit a Temple

Thailand is a land that has an abundance of temples, both ancient and modern. The most famous temple on Ko Phangan Island is a more recently constructed temple. The Khuna Yin Shrine was built following a dream an American woman had in 1990. In the dream, Buddha came to her and asked her to build a firelight for the people, and the Khuna Yin Shrine is the result of that dream.

The Khuna Yin Shrine is a beautiful Chinese style temple. It is situated on a mountain lookout point, with an unobstructed view of Chaloklum Bay. The temple has many ornate decorations, but the most cherished is a statue of Kuan-Yin that is housed in the highest part of the temple. Kuan-Yin is considered to be the Goddess of Mercy.


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