Food Supplies for Camping

 Food Supplies for CampingWhen, camping, you need all the energy and nutrients you can get. However, you also want to travel light, and so may not want to bring along heavy stocks of food necessary to get your caloric intake up to where it needs to be. Know what food supplies you need and why you need them, and prepare ahead of time so those needs are met. Keep in mind the value of a well-balanced meal that exceeds all your recommended daily allowances for the different food groups.


Food Supplies for Camping

A dirty word for some diet gurus, carbohydrates make the list of essentials for campers. Carbs provide you with the energy you need to set up and take down camp, as well as go on hikes and paddle canoes. Fruits provide carbs, and dried fruits offer the advantage of being stored easily in bulk. For bigger meals, pack pasta, rice and cereal to make sure you get your necessary carbo load every day. For breakfast, consider oatmeal or pancake mix and add tortillas for lunch and dinner.


Food Supplies for Camping

Proteins contain amino acids, which help repair tissue that gets damaged from all your activity. Good sources of protein include eggs, meats, and fish. For bigger meals, add beans or brown rice to get a lot of protein in one sitting. You can get your protein on the hiking trail by catching a fish or bringing along nuts. On the trail, bring along beef jerky and beef sticks. Make chili with both canned beef and beans for dinner.



Fat may be the dirtiest word in the the dietary business, but everybody needs some fat to keep their nutritional balance. Consider camping a perfect excuse for upping your fat intake, as you can get concentrated energy from small amounts of fat. Soldiers regularly receive chocolate bars for just this reason, and they work well in the wilderness. If you don't want the sugar that comes with chocolate, carry along cheese cubes for quick shot of fatty energy. Walnuts and pecans provide a double dose of protein and fat in one easy package.

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